I.T Systems & Support

At Freightroute we are always looking to improve our IT infrastructure and over the past three or four years we have made significant progress.

While tradition and great customer service have helped us grow to become industry leaders we’re always looking to improve our offering. Ongoing investment into our IT infrastructure will ensure we continue to develop and stay ahead of the competition. By streamlining and improving our communications we can keep our customers informed and up-to-date with ease.

Introducing our new TMS system coupled with improving our internet connection across all of our depots has allowed all employees to have access to our system; ensuring our team is in position to immediately help each of our customers. We strive to exceed our customer’s needs when it comes to advancing our systems, whether having access to On-Line job entry, direct data transfers, automatic proof of delivery (POD) retrieval or advanced KPI reporting.

If you have any questions, get in touch with the team on 0800 158 4401.

TMS – Traffic Management System

Since the introduction of Freightroute’s TMS Manpack 3, we have been able to significantly improve the service our team is able to offer to each of our customers. ManPack 3 allows live traffic planning across all of our sites, increasing efficiency. Complete visibility throughout the company has dramatically improved our Customer Services; you can see a complete history of every job enabling each journey to be monitored closely, allowing our team to resolve issues much quicker. We can also provide an enhanced POD service, detailed KPI reports and consignment tracking.

Online Services

Since 2009 Freightroute have offered our Online Services Package alongside our TMS. Our Online Services allow each of our customers to log on to a web version of ManPack 3. These Online Services can help speed up day to day operations such as consignment input, delivery note/collection manifest printing and producing pallet labels. Advanced features of Online Services allow customers to track their consignments, view consignment history and have unlimited access to their own POD database. To gain access to all these features and services, call the team on 0800 158 4401, alternatively, fill in our Quick Enquiry form and a member of the team will get back to you.

Customer Collaboration

Working together is what continues to drive our business forward; we are constantly working to improve the workflow between our customers and suppliers. We have incorporated new ways of passing data between our TMS and our customer’s systems, resulting in a reduction of manual input and better optimisation of consignments. This includes the process of receiving daily dispatch manifests in the form of CSV, flat files and EDI formats such as EDIFACT. We are also able to automatically send POD images direct to any server using FTP and TCP/IP, our systems can push as well as pull or receive data.

Support Desk

Our new online support desk is powered by Spiceworks. All of our support calls can be handled via any PC or phone, anywhere in the world. When you register on the Freightroute IT Support Centre, you can log in and review support calls, view the history of all your queries and receive email updates on the progress of your call.


E-Invoicing is now centralised to work seamlessly alongside our Traffic Management System. When we raise an invoice, we can automatically send a copy by email to our customer’s accounts and dispatch departments.